FAQ - Frequent asked questions on the use of Betwyll

You can register with an email address of yours, or through your Google or Apple accounts. If you opt for an email address, type it in the login page: an email will be sent to your inbox to confirm your registration and access the app. Once registered a new page will appear where you can type the nickname through which the other users will see you in the app (once chosen, the nickname is no longer editable).

Once registered, you’ll land on the project library. In the Projects page you’ll find the list of the ongoing or upcoming projects. Follow those you are interested in: from now on the corresponding texts will appear in the I’m reading page, where you’ll find them at every login. Start to read the text according to the reading schedule and post your twylls under the paragraphs your interested in or in reply to the twylls of other users.

In the Project library (Showcase) you’ll find the ongoing or upcoming social reading projects. Tap the Follow button under the project you’re interested in: the corresponding texts will be automatically added to your library (I’m reading) and your Home will update as new twylls are posted on those texts.

You can edit your name and replace your profile picture from My profile. Through the Edit profile function you can type or edit your name and insert an image or replace the current one. You can also add a short description of yours in 140 characters. Once your edits are completed, tap Save.

From My profile, tap the Settings icon up left: you’ll find a Preferences section from where you can select the app language (Language). From here (Content languages) you can also indicate that projects available in languages other than the one you set for the app are displayed in the project library. You can also enable the TTS (Text-to-Speech) mode for automatic reading.

From My profile, tap the Settings icon up left: you’ll find a Preferences section from where you can enable or disable notifications. Return to My profile. Up right you’ll find a bell icon: from there, tap the filter icon to choose which kind of notifications you want to see (twylls and comments; projects; mentions; other) and whether you want to see all notifications or unread ones only.

From My profile, tap the Settings icon up left. You’ll find a Help section from where you can submit a support request form.

From My profile, tap the Settings icon up left: you’ll find an Account section from where you can logout.

Enter the project you’re interested in from the Projects library (Showcase). Under the project image you’ll find a group of profile pictures of the project followers: tap it to see the complete follower list. From there you can follow whoever you like or (if they haven’t been following it, yet) look for your friends by nickname and invite them to do so.

Direct messaging is currently unavailable on Betwyll.

Once within the text, place yourself on the paragraph you want to comment on: an empty box (Write a twyll) where you can type your message/mention other users/insert images will appear below. Each twyll can’t exceed 140 characters: the box includes a counter with the characters left. Once your message is completed, tap Send to post it.

Yes, you can. From the typing box you can insert images from your gallery or take pictures and add them your twyll.

The Home only displays the twylls posted by the other users. Yours are collected in your profile page, divided into Twylls (comments to the text) and Comments (replies to the twylls of other users).

The Home updates with the twylls posted on the projects and/or by the users you follow, displaying the latest ones first. Within each text, instead, you’ll find a purple circle next to the paragraphs that have already been commented on, indicating the number of comments posted. Tapping the paragraph, a message will appear below inviting you to see them all.

On each twyll you’ll find a Comment option: tap it to open the box where to type your reply.

Because you directly typed your reply in the paragraph typing box, instead of tapping Comment on the twyll you wanted to reply to.

Tap the three dots up right in the twyll at issue: tap Delete and the twyll will be removed.

Tap the three dots up right on the twyll in question: tap Report and the twyll will be reported to Betwyll moderators who will consider whether to delete it permanently or not.

All the texts of the projects you followed are archived within the I’m reading section in the Projects library: tap the book cover to directly access the text. From there, tap the bulleted list up right to access the index, the bookmarks and the project introduction.

No, you can’t. Betwyll is meant to be used on smartphones and tablets only.

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